1. Access to the Web­site and its Content

1.1 Al Usrah Al Dan­daraweyah will endeav­our to allow you unin­ter­rupted access to this Web­site, but access to this Web­site may be dis­rupted, restricted, sus­pended or ter­mi­nated at any time at its dis­cre­tion or for rea­sons beyond its control.

1.2 Al Usrah Al Dan­daraweyah reserves the right to improve, change, mod­ify, sub­sti­tute or remove any infor­ma­tion on this Web­site, or ter­mi­nate this Web­site, at any time with­out notice.

1.3 Any com­mu­ni­ca­tion or mate­r­ial that you trans­mit to this Web­site or to Al Usrah Al Dan­daraweyah by elec­tronic mail or oth­er­wise, includ­ing any com­ments, data, ques­tions and sug­ges­tions, is and will be treated as non-​confidential and non-​proprietary unless a prior arrange­ment in writ­ing is made between you and Al Usrah Al Dan­daraweyah. Al Usrah Al Dan­daraweyah may pre­serve any such con­tent and may dis­close it to third par­ties if required to do so by law or in the good faith belief that such preser­va­tion or dis­clo­sure is nec­es­sary to com­ply with legal process; respond to claims that the con­tent vio­lates the rights of third par­ties; enforce these Terms and Con­di­tions; or pro­tect the rights, prop­erty or per­sonal safety of this Web­site and its users.

1.4 Al Usrah Al Dan­daraweyah does not review any third-​party web pages or web­sites hyper­linked to this Web­site and is not respon­si­ble for the con­tent of any such off-​site pages or sites. If you visit such off-​site pages or sites through this Web­site, you do so at your own risk.

2. Intel­lec­tual Property

2.1 Unless oth­er­wise indi­cated the copy­right, data­base right and rights of an allied nature in the mate­r­ial con­tained in the Web­site, together with the web­site design, text and graph­ics, and their selec­tion and arrange­ment, belong to Al Usrah Al Dan­daraweyah. All rights are reserved. None of this mate­r­ial may be repro­duced or redis­trib­uted with­out its prior writ­ten permission.

2.2 You agree that any logos, names, ser­vice marks, trade­marks and other devices (col­lec­tively referred to as “Marks”) per­tain­ing to Al Usrah Al Dan­daraweyah that may be dis­played on this Web­site, includ­ing the green dome, crest and motto of Al Usrah Al Dan­daraweyah, “Allah is great, We are all Muham­madi (peo­ple who irt­ibat with prophet Muham­mad), and all praises to Allah”, “Al Usrah Al Dan­daraweyah”, “Dan­darawy”, are its reg­is­tered and/​or unreg­is­tered Marks. Noth­ing con­tained on this Web­site should be con­strued as grant­ing, by impli­ca­tion, estop­pel, or oth­er­wise, any licence or right to use any of the Marks belong­ing to it or to third par­ties that are dis­played on this Web­site with­out prior writ­ten permission.

2.3 Cer­tain prod­uct and com­pany names men­tioned on this Web­site or mate­r­ial dis­played on this Web­site may be intel­lec­tual prop­erty belong­ing to third par­ties. Al Usrah Al Dan­daraweyah does not war­rant or rep­re­sent that if you use such mate­r­ial you will not infringe the legal rights of these third parties.

3. Exclu­sions of Liability

3.1 Al Usrah Al Dan­daraweyah uses rea­son­able endeav­ours to ensure that the infor­ma­tion on the Web­site is accu­rate and to cor­rect any errors or omis­sions as soon as prac­ti­ca­ble after being noti­fied of them. How­ever, to the extent per­mit­ted by applic­a­ble law, it dis­claims all war­ranties and rep­re­sen­ta­tions (whether express or implied) as to the accu­racy of any infor­ma­tion con­tained on this Website.

3.2 Due to the nature of elec­tronic trans­mis­sion of data over the Inter­net, Al Usrah Al Dan­daraweyah does not warrant:

3.2.1 that access to this Web­site will be fault-​free, secure, timely or unin­ter­rupted, or that the Web­site will be free from soft­ware viruses or any other com­puter code, files or pro­grams designed to inter­rupt, destroy or limit the func­tion­al­ity of any com­puter soft­ware or hard­ware or telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions equip­ment; or

3.2.2 the accu­rate receipt or secu­rity of any infor­ma­tion trans­mit­ted by you by elec­tronic mail or oth­er­wise to the Web­site or Al Usrah Al Dandaraweyah.

Accord­ingly, your use of this Web­site, and the elec­tronic trans­mis­sion of any doc­u­ment or infor­ma­tion by you to the Web­site or Al Usrah Al Dan­daraweyah is at your own risk.

3.3 The lia­bil­ity of Al Usrah Al Dan­daraweyah and/​or of any other party involved in cre­at­ing, pro­duc­ing or deliv­er­ing this Web­site (the ‘Web Pro­gram­mer’) for any dam­ages, claims or losses aris­ing from an inabil­ity to access this Web­site, or from any use of this Web­site or reliance on the data trans­mit­ted using this Web­site, is excluded to the fullest extent per­mis­si­ble by law. In no event shall Al Usrah Al Dan­daraweyah or the Web Pro­gram­mer be liable for any antic­i­pated sav­ings, busi­ness, good­will, loss of profit, oppor­tu­nity, rev­enues or other direct, indi­rect, con­se­quen­tial, inci­den­tal or spe­cial loss or dam­age of any kind, whether aris­ing from breach of con­tract, tort (includ­ing neg­li­gence, defama­tion and infringe­ment of copy­right or data­base right or other intel­lec­tual prop­erty rights) or oth­er­wise aris­ing out of use of this Web­site, whether or not noti­fied of such dam­age or loss aris­ing, except where such lia­bil­ity can­not be excluded by law.

3.4 On this web­site, Al Usrah Al Dan­daraweyah may from time to time pro­vide you with infor­ma­tion on third-​party sup­pli­ers and the goods and ser­vices they deal in and/​or the events that they organ­ise. Any goods, ser­vices or events not stated to be pro­vided or organ­ised by it are pro­vided by such third par­ties over whom it has no con­trol. Noth­ing on this Web­site should be con­strued as an endorse­ment by or rec­om­men­da­tion from Al Usrah Al Dan­daraweyah to buy any prod­ucts or ser­vices fea­tured or to par­tic­i­pate in any events. You should sat­isfy your­self that you wish to pur­chase the goods or ser­vices or par­tic­i­pate in the events in ques­tion before con­tract­ing with the sup­pli­ers. The sup­pli­ers will deal with you on their own terms and con­di­tions and you should check that you agree to those terms and con­di­tions before mak­ing any finan­cial com­mit­ment. Al Usrah Al Dan­daraweyah accepts no lia­bil­ity for any goods or ser­vices pro­vided or events organ­ised by such third-​party suppliers.

3.5 Al Usrah Al Dan­daraweyah does not mon­i­tor, ver­ify or endorse infor­ma­tion sub­mit­ted by third par­ties for post­ing on this Web­site. You should be aware that such infor­ma­tion may be inac­cu­rate, incom­plete or out of date.

3.6 Al Usrah Al Dan­daraweyah endeav­ours to pre­pare the con­tent of the Web­site in accor­dance with Sin­ga­pore law. It does not war­rant that the Web­site will sat­isfy the laws of any juris­dic­tion other than Singapore.

3.7 With­out lim­it­ing the fore­go­ing, every­thing on this Web­site is pro­vided to you “as avail­able” and “as is”, and Al Usrah Al Dan­daraweyah dis­claims to the fullest extent per­mis­si­ble by law any rep­re­sen­ta­tion, war­ranty or respon­si­bil­ity of any kind, either express or implied, in rela­tion to any infor­ma­tion, goods or ser­vices offered, accessed or obtained through this Web­site. It also makes no rep­re­sen­ta­tions or war­ranties, express or implied, with respect to this Web­site, or any part of it, includ­ing any war­ranties of title, non-​infringement of the intel­lec­tual prop­erty rights of third par­ties, mer­chantabil­ity, sat­is­fac­tory qual­ity, or fit­ness for any purpose.

4. Accept­able Use

4.1 You may only use the Web­site in accor­dance with these Terms and Con­di­tions and, in any event, for law­ful and proper pur­poses which includes com­ply­ing with all applic­a­ble laws, reg­u­la­tions and codes of prac­tice within Sin­ga­pore or other juris­dic­tions from which you are access­ing this Website.

4.2 In par­tic­u­lar, you agree that you will not:

4.2.1 upload, post, e-​mail or oth­er­wise trans­mit to the Web­site or to Al Usrah Al Dandaraweyah: any con­tent that is abu­sive, defam­a­tory, harass­ing, harm­ful, inva­sive of pri­vacy, objec­tion­able (due to atti­tudes towards dis­abil­ity; gen­der; race, descent, eth­nic­ity or nation­al­ity; reli­gion or belief; sex­ual ori­en­ta­tion; or other per­sonal char­ac­ter­is­tics), obscene, threat­en­ing, tor­tious or unlaw­ful, or oth­er­wise use this Web­site in a man­ner which causes or may cause an infringe­ment of the rights of any third party; any con­tent that you do not have a right to trans­mit under any law (includ­ing con­tent that infringes the intel­lec­tual prop­erty rights of any third party), or under con­trac­tual or fidu­ciary rela­tion­ships (such as con­fi­den­tial or pro­pri­etary infor­ma­tion learned or dis­closed as part of employ­ment rela­tion­ships or under non-​disclosure agree­ments); and any unso­licited or unau­tho­rised adver­tis­ing or pro­mo­tional mate­ri­als or any other form of solic­i­ta­tion, includ­ing but not lim­ited to chain let­ters, junk mail and spam;

4.2.2 imper­son­ate any per­son or entity, falsely state or oth­er­wise mis­rep­re­sent your affil­i­a­tion with any per­son or entity, or take any action to dis­guise the ori­gin of any con­tent trans­mit­ted to the Web­site or to Al Usrah Al Dandaraweyah;

4.2.3 use any soft­ware, rou­tine or device to inter­fere or attempt to inter­fere elec­tron­i­cally or man­u­ally with the oper­a­tion or func­tion­al­ity of this Web­site, includ­ing but not lim­ited to upload­ing or mak­ing avail­able through what­ever means files con­tain­ing cor­rupt data, soft­ware viruses or any com­puter code, files or pro­grams designed to inter­rupt, destroy or limit the func­tion­al­ity of any com­puter soft­ware or hard­ware or telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions equipment;

4.2.4 deface, alter or inter­fere with the front-​end “look and feel” of this Web­site or the under­ly­ing soft­ware code;

4.2.5 take any action which imposes an unrea­son­able or dis­pro­por­tion­ately large load on this Web­site or its related infrastructure;

4.2.6 obtain or attempt to obtain unau­tho­rised access, through what­ever means, to any of com­put­ers, net­works or servers owned or used by Al Usrah Al Dan­daraweyah; and/​or

4.2.7 col­lect or store per­sonal infor­ma­tion about other users of the Website.

4.3 You may only use the Web­site in the capac­ity of an end-​user. You must not, with­out the prior writ­ten per­mis­sion of Al Usrah Al Dandaraweyah:

4.3.1 sell, resell or oth­er­wise exploit; copy or repro­duce for the pur­pose of such sale, resale or exploita­tion; or carry out an act prepara­tory to any of the fore­go­ing acts in respect of; any por­tion of the Web­site, or doc­u­ments or infor­ma­tion obtained from the Web­site; or

4.3.2 access or use the Website;

for pro­vid­ing data­base, infor­ma­tion, service-​bureau or other com­mer­cial ser­vices to third parties.

4.4 With­out prej­u­dice to any of our other rights, whether at law or oth­er­wise, Al Usrah Al Dan­daraweyah reserves the right to deny you access to this Web­site where it believes in its absolute dis­cre­tion that you are in breach of any of these Terms and Conditions.

4.5 You agree to indem­nify and hold Al Usrah Al Dan­daraweyah, its sub­sidiaries, affil­i­ates, offi­cers, employ­ees and agents, harm­less from any claim or demand, includ­ing legal fees on an indem­nity basis, made by any third party due to or aris­ing out of your use of this Web­site; con­tent you sub­mit, post to or trans­mit to the Web­site or to Al Usrah Al Dan­daraweyah; or your vio­la­tion of these Terms and Con­di­tions or of the rights of any third party.

5. Mis­cel­la­neous

5.1 These Terms and Con­di­tions con­tain all the terms of your agree­ment with Al Usrah Al Dan­daraweyah relat­ing to your use of the Web­site, and super­sede any prior agree­ments, if any, between you and Al Usrah Al Dandaraweyah.

5.2 Al Usrah Al Dan­daraweyah may mod­ify these Terms and Con­di­tions at any time. Such mod­i­fi­ca­tion shall be effec­tive imme­di­ately upon post­ing of the mod­i­fied Terms and Con­di­tions on this Web­site. Accord­ingly, your con­tin­ued or sub­se­quent access or use of this Web­site shall be deemed to be your accep­tance of the mod­i­fied Terms and Conditions.

5.3 You agree that notices and legal process may be sent to you or served on you either per­son­ally, through the post, or by e-​mail.

5.4 The fail­ure of Al Usrah Al Dan­daraweyah to exer­cise or enforce any right or pro­vi­sion of these Terms and Con­di­tions shall not con­sti­tute a waiver of such right or pro­vi­sion. If any pro­vi­sion of these Terms and Con­di­tions is found by a court of com­pe­tent juris­dic­tion to be invalid, you agree that the court should endeav­our to give effect to the par­ties’ inten­tions as reflected in the pro­vi­sion, and that the other pro­vi­sions of these Terms and Con­di­tions remain in full force and effect.

5.6 The sec­tion head­ings in these Terms and Con­di­tions are for con­ve­nience only and have no legal or con­trac­tual effect.

5.7 Your use of this Web­site, any down­loaded mate­r­ial from it and the oper­a­tion of these Terms and Con­di­tions shall be gov­erned by, con­strued and inter­preted in accor­dance with the laws of Sin­ga­pore and you agree to sub­mit to the non-​exclusive juris­dic­tion of the Sin­ga­pore Courts. Al Usrah Al Dan­daraweyah reserves the right, if it sees fit, to bring pro­ceed­ings in the courts of the coun­try of your residence.

5.8 Nei­ther your use of the Web­site nor these Terms and Con­di­tions cre­ates any rela­tion­ship of solic­i­tor and client between any of Al Usrah Al Dandaraweyah’s offi­cers, employ­ees or agents on the one hand and you on the other, and none of the con­tent of the Web­site should be con­strued as legal advice.

5.9 None of these Terms and Con­di­tions shall be enforce­able under the Con­tracts (Rights of Third Par­ties) Act (Cap 53B) by a per­son who is not a party to it

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